Bed Bugs Control Service

Bed Bugs Control Service

Bed Bugs :

Bed bugs have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home!
Our homes can not be bed bug proofed as they travel easily by latching on to clothes, baggage, and even laptops!

So we can only treat our homes against bed bugs.

  • Bed bugs can hide easily as they are 0.5mm in size.
  • They leave a very bad odor behind with the blood stains.
  • They sting and suck blood.

What we can do :-

  • We offer a through pest control treatment through spray.
  • Bed bug eggs are not affected by insecticide penetration.
  • To deal with this, we provide a second round of bed bug treatment within 2 weeks to prevent new bed bugs from breeding.

Pest control Services

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